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Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

The DIEP flap breast reconstruction is an excellent option for those patients that desire to use their own tissue to reconstruct their breasts following a mastectomy. The incision across the abdomen resembles an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) incision. However, the breast incision pattern will vary from patient to patient. Most often the biggest determining factor is if the patient has had prior radiation to the chest and the degree of radiation damage. Typically, the more severe the radiation damage is there is a higher likelihood of having a larger skin paddle (abdominal skin) exposed. The most common breast incision patterns with DIEP flap breast reconstruction are a “buried” flap (the entire abdominal tissue is under the mastectomy skin), mastopexy (breast lift)… Continue Reading

Gynecomastia is the presence of enlarged breast tissue/glands in males. This is a benign condition, which could be cause by a variety of factors including: medication side effects, puberty, steroids, or idiopathic in nature (meaning it occurred for an unknown reason). Fortunately, there is a surgical procedure to remove (excise) this glandular tissue to reduce the outward appearance of breast tissue with males. Depending of the amount of glandular tissue and fat a patient has, this procedure could either be done in an outpatient surgical setting if liposuction is required or in our office. The vast majority of the men that have gynecomastia can have the procedure in our office under local anesthesia. If done in the office, you will… Continue Reading

A patient of ours wanted to share her experience with Florida Plastic Surgery Group as an office, and about Dr. Parks as her surgeon.  She says that she can sum it up to one word, “FAMILY.”  She feels like coming to our office has been one big family reunion, being with people that really care about her.  Read her entire testimonial here:   Testimonial – Dr. Parks

We appreciate all of the reviews our amazing patients provide.  It helps share experiences with other patients about the amazing things we can do through patient care.  We strive to make all our patients feel warm and welcome… a part of our family.  Here is a recent 5-star review a patient posted online about Florida Plastic Surgery Group and Dr. Michael Fallucco: Wow!! Where do I start? Let me simply share my honest and thoughtful experience with Dr. Fallucco and his amazing team and staff. When I first met Dr. Fallucco, I was so nervous. I had just had a mastectomy 2 months prior to meeting him. He was recommended by Dr. Kent, my cancer doctor. She said, I am… Continue Reading

One of our surgeons, Michael Fallucco, M.D., F.A.C.S, was selected as one of the Jacksonville Business Journal’s 2015 Health Care Heroes honorees. This award honors those medical professionals in Northeast Florida who have improved health care and saved lives. Dr. Fallucco and the 26 other honorees have shown leadership, creativity, and true dedication, helping to make Jacksonville and its medical community better. In a coming issue of the Jacksonville Business Journal, they will be telling the story of Dr. Fallucco’s impact on his profession and the First Coast. Dr. Michael Fallucco is dedicated to providing a pleasant and comfortable plastic/reconstructive surgery experience for every patient. A friendly, caring plastic surgeon who does his best to focus on the needs of… Continue Reading

Dr. Joseph Parks, one of our experienced plastic surgeons here at Florida Plastic Surgery Group, recently sat down for an informative interview with Nikki Kimbleton of News4JAX-TV’s Morning Show. As part of “Bra Week,” a popular series of segments which discusses a number of health and practical issues related to the breasts, Dr. Parks talked with Nikki about many aspects of breast reduction surgery and what patients can expect. In the interview, Dr. Parks says advanced breast reduction surgery can help many women who are suffering from overly large breasts to alleviate the neck and back pain – not to mention the shoulder indentations from bra straps – that is often associated with the condition. He also talks about the… Continue Reading

Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is a considerable investment of your time, your money, and your trust in a surgeon. After making such an important decision, choosing a plastic surgeon must involve finding a surgeon who will help you achieve your face, body, or breast goals while demonstrating concern for your safety, satisfaction, and the overall quality of your experience. At the Florida Plastic Surgery Group in Jacksonville, Florida, plastic surgeons Dr. Ankit Desai and Dr. Michael Fallucco are dedicated to achieving stunning, effective results for each one of their patients. With years of diverse plastic surgery experience to inform them, our plastic surgeons approach each case in a personalized manner. Your time with us will be individualized to the… Continue Reading

Deciding who will perform your plastic surgery is an extremely important step. You need to trust more than just advertisements you see on the internet, television, or elsewhere. Serious surgery requires serious thought. Finding a plastic surgeon who can explain things to you clearly regarding anesthesia, recovery, cost, and anything else you need to know about should be high on your list if you are interested in plastic surgery. Things to keep in mind when choosing a plastic surgeon include: Before and after photos – Being able to actually see the results of the plastic surgeon will give you a visual idea of what to expect. You may also be able to speak to former patients who have undergone the… Continue Reading