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Breast Implants

Doctor holding a breast implant

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular surgical options for cosmetic enhancement in the U.S. and has helped thousands of women achieve their goals with results that look both beautiful and natural. With that in mind, some individuals eventually decide to have their breast implants removed altogether, without replacing them with new implants. Whether patients choose permanent removal due to a simple desire to restore their original breast size or another reason, a customized breast implant removal procedure can help them meet their needs. One of the most common questions among women who have that procedure is: “What will the breasts look like after the implants are removed?” The answer may be a bit different for each patient. How… Continue Reading

Hi my name is Alana I’m one of the PA’S here at Florida plastic surgery group. Today I’m going to be talking about post-op instructions following a breast augmentation surgery. First off, thank you for choosing us in your care we’re happy to welcome you to our family. Having a breast augmentation with us there’s post-op instructions that are going to be filled out for you already in your packets so you’ll have it all written down for you. I still like to go over it with patient’s day of surgery so you’ll hear several times and also, you’ll have the written instructions and this video to refer back to if need be. Immediately following your breast augmentation surgery you’ll… Continue Reading

Hi my name is Lauren Lynch and I’m a physician assistant here at Florida Plastic Surgery group. Today I’m going to talk with you about your post-operative instructions for your implant removal, replacement and mastopexy (breast lift). When you wake up from surgery, you’re going to wake up in a front closing sports bra, I want you to wear it 24/7 even when you’re sleeping. You can take it off to shower and you can shower the day after your surgery. When you do shower, just let the water hit your back and run forward over all of your incisions, no direct pressure and no heavy scrubbing. You can reach up like you’re going to wash your hair but I… Continue Reading

Jacksonville plastic surgeons with Florida Plastic Surgery Group discuss breast implant safety and other topics relating to breast augmentation.

Plastic surgeons with Florida Plastic Surgery Group answer frequently asked questions about breast implant safety, candidacy, and recovery from breast augmentation. Jacksonville, FL – According to the most recent statistics available from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation remains the most popular surgical cosmetic enhancement procedure in the U.S. The numbers from the ASPS reveal that the treatment was performed approximately 313,000 times in 2018—a 4% jump from the previous year. With this in mind, the Jacksonville plastic surgeons at Florida Plastic Surgery Group, a practice offering breast surgery and a variety of other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures, say that it’s important for women who are considering breast augmentation to have accurate information regarding candidacy for… Continue Reading

The decision to undergo breast reconstruction following a mastectomy is a personal choice. Those women who decided to undergo breast reconstruction are then confronted with the options to have autologous breast reconstruction, using the patient’s own tissue, or implant breast reconstruction. Autologous reconstruction most often entails undergoing a DIEP flap breast reconstruction, which stands for Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator flap. DIEP flap breast reconstruction, in short, is the use of a patient’s lower abdominal tissue to reconstruct their breasts via microsurgery. The patient will end up with an abdominal incision similar to an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) incision and natural breasts utilizing their own tissue. Implant breast reconstruction is more familiar to most patients, which utilizes either saline or silicone breast… Continue Reading

Since breast augmentation is typically considered an elective surgery, it is unlikely that the procedure is covered under your health insurance plan. However, at Florida Plastic Surgery Group, we believe everyone should have a chance to look and feel their best, and we offer a number of flexible financing options that can help make the procedure more financially convenient. The cost of breast augmentation is impacted by a number of different factors, and the exact price can vary from patient to patient. The location of the incision, the position of the implant, the type of implant used, and the experience of your plastic surgeon can all influence the final cost. In addition to accepting all major forms of payment, we… Continue Reading

At Florida Plastic Surgery Group, our board-certified surgeons frequently perform breast augmentation on patients in their 20s as well as patients in their 60s and older. Age itself is not the primary deciding factor when determining candidacy for breast augmentation. Instead, the overall health of the patient is much more important when determining the best age for breast augmentation. If you are in good health, free of medical concerns that would present higher risks for complications, and receive clearance from your primary care physician, you are likely a good candidate for breast augmentation – regardless of your age. Conversely, even patients in their 20s and 30s may not be ideal candidates for breast surgery depending upon certain medical conditions or… Continue Reading

Since many of our breast augmentation patients at Florida Plastic Surgery Group envision having children in the future, one of their primary concerns is how breast implants might impact their plans. In particular, many of these patients would like to breastfeed and are unsure how surgery might affect their ability to do so. Some women, whether they have had breast augmentation or not, are simply not able to produce an adequate amount of milk to breastfeed. Many of these individuals are not aware of this before they have breast implants placed. This may lead to a misconception that breast implants have an effect on all women’s ability to breastfeed. While there is some risk to maintaining the ability to breastfeed… Continue Reading