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Breast Lift


At Florida Plastic Surgery Group, we offer several advanced breast enhancement procedures, two of the most popular being breast lift and breast reduction. Both of these procedures can produce remarkable breast enhancement results, but they are quite distinct from one another in terms of the concerns they are designed to address. In today’s blog post, we will illustrate the comparisons between breast lift and breast reduction to give you a clear idea of which surgery may be better for your needs and goals. Breast Lift Surgery Clinically referred to as “mastopexy”, breast lift surgery addresses breasts that have developed an accumulation of sagging, excess skin (breast ptosis) that causes them to “droop.” This can be the result of hormonal changes,… Continue Reading

Hi my name is Morgen and I am one of the physician assistants here at Florida Plastic Surgery Group. Today I’ll be talking to you about your discharge instructions after your capsulectomy with or without mastopexy this is also known as a breast lift. When you wake up from surgery all of your sutures will be underneath the skin, they will dissolve over time and none of them will have to be removed. You will have steri-strips over all of your incisions, steri-strips are fabric band-aid like strips. You’re going to leave those on until your first post-op appointment at which time we will take them off for you. You will also have a bra on, this is a surgical… Continue Reading

Hi my name is Alana Weatherly I am one of the PA’s here at Florida Plastic Surgery Group. Today I will be discussing a breast surgery referred to as a breast lift with fat grafting also known as a composite mastopexy. We offer this procedure here at our practice for patients who are looking to have their breasts lifted. Most often their nipple position is lower than they would like so we reposition it at a correct height and then we add fat to the areas to give it a fuller look without the use of an implant. The fat is achieved from usually the belly hips or flanks by liposuction. In the operating room we process that fat sterilely… Continue Reading

Jacksonville plastic surgeons with Florida Plastic Surgery Group discuss breast implant safety and other topics relating to breast augmentation.

Plastic surgeons with Florida Plastic Surgery Group answer frequently asked questions about breast implant safety, candidacy, and recovery from breast augmentation. Jacksonville, FL – According to the most recent statistics available from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation remains the most popular surgical cosmetic enhancement procedure in the U.S. The numbers from the ASPS reveal that the treatment was performed approximately 313,000 times in 2018—a 4% jump from the previous year. With this in mind, the Jacksonville plastic surgeons at Florida Plastic Surgery Group, a practice offering breast surgery and a variety of other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures, say that it’s important for women who are considering breast augmentation to have accurate information regarding candidacy for… Continue Reading

The development of breast ptosis (sagginess) is very common. In fact, this particular concern is one reason why breast enhancement procedures are some of the most frequently performed treatments in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery—many women simply want an effective way to renew the youthful projection and firmness of their breasts once breast ptosis begins to create self-consciousness about their appearance.  Sagging or “drooping” breasts can be caused by a genetic predisposition to breast ptosis, weight fluctuations, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, the use of tobacco products, and environmental factors. In many cases, breast ptosis can simply be the result of the loss of tissue elasticity and buildup of excess skin that comes with the natural aging process. Over time, the… Continue Reading

Sagging or inelastic skin that causes the breasts to develop a “drooping” appearance is a common concern among women. Breast ptosis—the medical term for this condition—often results from the natural aging process; however, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, and other factors can lead to signs of sagging breasts, as well. For many individuals, the most ideal and effective way to successfully address breast ptosis and give the breasts a firmer, more youthful appearance and projection is a surgical breast lift procedure. While you are likely to find numerous articles and opinions online claiming that certain types of exercise can provide the breasts with a “natural lift”; the fact is that exercise—no matter how rigorous—cannot eliminate inelastic, excess skin, which is typically… Continue Reading

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is an elective outpatient surgical procedure to elevate breasts that have become ptotic or droop over time. The most common explanations for breasts to sag or become ptotic are changes in weight, the natural aging process, pregnancy, and genetics. When the breasts droop the nipples typically will then point in a downward direction, the areola may increase in size, and often the breasts lose volume especially in the upper poles. A breast lift will reshape the breast, reposition the nipple/areola to a more central location, and recreate a tighter breast pocket. A breast augmentation mastopexy is the elective outpatient surgical process that includes a breast lift with the addition of breast implants…. Continue Reading