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Face Procedures

Hi my name is Morgen and I’m one of the PA’s at Florida Plastic Surgery Group. Today I will be discussing your discharge instructions after your facelift which may include fat grafting after your facelift. You will have an incision on both sides of your face that goes around the front side of your ear and partially behind your ear. Your sutures will be outside of the skin and you will be able to see them if you look at your incision line. You will also have one drain coming out of one or the other side of your face when you wake up you will have a wrap around your head the wrap is to decrease swelling. It also… Continue Reading

Hi my name is Lauren Lynch and I’m one of the Physician Assistants here at Florida Plastic Surgery group today I’m going to go over your post-operative instructions for a blepharoplasty procedure otherwise known as a lower or upper eyelid lift. So following surgery you are going to come out with a significant amount of swelling however it will decrease in the next coming days to weeks so it will drop exponentially in the next couple of days. We will allow you to do cool compresses please remembering not to do anything too hot or too cold. Your sensation will be changed after surgery so we want you to do cool compresses for the first 24 hours to help decrease… Continue Reading

“Jowls” are characterized by excess, inelastic skin that collects just under the cheeks and along the jawline. This is a very common concern, and one that can affect just about everybody, regardless of how well they take care of their health and their skin. This is due to the fact that the skin loses elasticity and collagen as the natural aging process continues. Factors such as genetics, weight fluctuations, smoking, and sun exposure can also contribute to the development of jowls, but aging is usually the most prominent cause. Fortunately, there are treatment options available that can reduce signs of jowls to create firmer skin in the mid- to lower face, along with a more contoured jawline. A surgical facelift… Continue Reading