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Fat Injections

Our most common surgical facial rejuvenation options include: eye lid surgery (blepharoplasty, both upper and lower), eye brow lift, face lift, neck lift, and autologous fat grafting to the face. A blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin at the lower and/or upper eyelids to restore a more youthful appearance. The natural process of aging results in laxity, excess skin, and overall lack of volume/firmness to the eyelids. This leads to the appearance of drooping (ptosis) of the eyelids, which can obstruct your vision, and ages the face. Face lift or rhytidectomy is among the top five most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed in the United States.  Commonly, a neck lift is performed simultaneously with the… Continue Reading

We offer several non-surgical facial rejuvenation options ranging from individualized skin care regimens, dermal facial fillers, Botox®, to micro-needling. Skin care regimens are personalized to address your skins texture, tone, and fine lines. Based on your skin you would recommend products that would improve any or all of these problem areas. Texture and fine lines can be addressed with a topical hyaluronic acid, such as Teoxane, or in combination with a tretinoin. Those who suffer from “sun spots” or melasma most often see improvement in their skin tone with a topical hydroquinone in combination with a tretinoin. Invidualized skin care regimens can be designed to fit your needs. Dermal fillers, such as Juvederm Ultra Plus® XC, are utilized to “fill in”… Continue Reading

Fat injection lets you rejuvenate your face and other areas of your body without artificial materials. Fat injection takes fat from other areas of your body and redistributes it to areas lacking volume. Some of the most common uses of fat injection include: Restores volume to sunken cheeks and other facial areas. Plumps up deep wrinkles around the mouth, nose, forehead and eyes. Breast reconstruction with optimally natural results. Enhances the volume of the lips. Addresses liposuction irregularities. Using liposuction, fat is removed from your hips, thighs, buttocks or abdomen. The fat is cleaned and purified, and can then be injected into your face or body with a thin needle. Facial volume loss is a common sign of aging. Sagging… Continue Reading