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Hey guys I’m Shannon one of the physician assistants with Florida plastic surgery group today I’m going to be going over discharge instructions for doctor feluccas migraine surgery so in case you don’t know there’s two different types of migraine surgery there’s a frontal migraine surgery and there’s an occipital migraine surgery I’ll go over the instructions for wound care for both of them so first I’ll go over the frontal migraine surgery after the surgery I’m sure dr. Phil akule will tell you but he’s going to make an incision right on your eyelid he’s going to put stitches on the outside of the incision and then we’ll put steri-strips on top of that leave those there you can… Continue Reading

Dr Michael Fallucco, M.D. F.A.C.S. has been performing surgery to alleviate migraine headache pain in Jacksonville, Florida for several years.  He shares a quick question and answer with one of his former patients who had been suffering from headaches her whole life and until her procedure. Her headaches always began in the neck/back of her head and radiated to her temples and back of her eyes.  Following this same day migraine surgery procedure, she is now enjoying life. Alana Weatherly, PA-C at the Florida Plastic Surgery Group asks her about her experience below. Alana : If you could just tell us how old you are now and how long you have been dealing with migraines. What your life was like… Continue Reading