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Lip Enhancement

Local anesthesia, both topical and injectable forms, can be used in conjunction with dermal fillers to provide additional comfort. Some brands, such as JUVÉDERM® XC and JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA XC, have 0.3% lidocaine in the injectable product itself. However, some patients may still choose to have to have a “dental block” prior to filler injection. A dental block refers to injecting an anesthetic agent, such as lidocaine, to the infraorbital nerve or mental nerve through the mouth. The infraorbital nerve provides sensation or feeling to the lower eyelid, the side of the nose, and the upper lip. This nerve is blocked for filer injections to the nasolabial folds and upper lip. Lidocaine is the most common anesthetic agent used for dermal… Continue Reading

Lip enhancement / augmentation can provide patients with flat lips with a fuller rejuvenated appearance to their lips. In addition, lip enhancement can also improve the fine wrinkles seen around both the upper and lower lips. Your lips can be enhanced to create a subtle change or more to create sexy & pouty appearing lips. Lip enhancement is performed by injecting a natural or synthetic biocompatible material. Proper placement of the material is important and generally only one treatment is necessary. Depending on the material used, the result may be temporary or permanent. Patients can return to their normal activities the day following most lip enhancement techniques. Some minor swelling or bruising resolves quickly.