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If you are trying to decide if nose surgery is right for you, you should schedule a consultation with one of our experienced plastic surgeons before making your mind up either way. You can discuss what you don’t like about your face and nose, and what you would like to change, and then our surgeons can tell you whether nose surgery can produce the result you want. In general, rhinoplasty may be right for you if are dissatisfied with: The size of your nose The profile of your nose, including a hump or depression in your bridge Nasal asymmetry Large nostrils Small or bulbous tip Wide or narrow nose Crooked nose The overall appearance of your nose Rhinoplasty does involve… Continue Reading

Plastic surgery procedures are commonly combined into a single surgical appointment. Condensing multiple procedures this way means you have only one recovery, and have to be under general anesthesia only once. Rhinoplasty is often combined with other facial and body procedures. You have to discuss the suitability of combining your procedures with one our experienced plastic surgeons. Sometimes it’s smart to combine procedures, and sometimes it’s not. We’ll determine whether it makes sense in your case. Rhinoplasty is sometimes combined with: Chin augmentation Facial liposuction Eyelid surgery Chin augmentation is an especially popular procedure to combine with a rhinoplasty. The shape and size of your nose and your chin have a dramatic influence on the appearance of your face, and… Continue Reading

Many people look for ways to correct the way their nose is shaped either for aesthetic reasons, or to solve problems with breathing. This has led to rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, being one of the most popular plastic surgical procedures performed year after year. Choosing a plastic surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty is one of the most important things you can do when planning your surgery. Considerations when choosing a nose surgeon include: Certification Education Training Past performance Testimonials If you find a plastic surgeon who has lots of experience, your outcome for a successful nose surgery will increase. Looking at the before and after photos to see the work will give you some idea of how your own nose… Continue Reading