What will my recovery look like after my KYBELLA®treatment?
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Blog Series on KYBELLA® (deoxycholic acid) treatment for submental fullness/fat (“double chin”):  The ten things you’ve been wanting to know.

Number 3/10:

Q: What will my recovery look like after my KYBELLA® treatment session?

A: KYBELLA® is a liquid that is injected into the submental fat. The vast majority of patients experience swelling following this procedure. The swelling significantly decreases after the first few days but may persist for a few weeks depending on the amount of KYBELLA® injected and your individual response. KYBELLA® injections will not inhibit your ability to work. Most patients report a burning sensation lasting <10 minutes following the injection. We recommend icing on and off through out the day and remaining upright when possible that day to help reduce swelling.