Neck Liposuction / Submental Liposuction | Plastic Surgery Jacksonville
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The undesirable contour of the neck can be due to excess fatty deposits under the chin. Neck liposuction or submental (under the chin) liposuction is performed through a small 3 cm incision under the jaw. After the infiltration of fluid, small liposuction cannulas suction the excess fat improving the contour of chin and neck line. Younger patients with mostly fat under the neck are the best candidates for this procedure.

Risks include bruising, swelling, contour irregularities, dimpling, temporary changes in sensation, temporary motor nerve weakness, and incomplete flattening of the neck due to particular anatomic variables.

The procedure takes about an hour and patients are asked to wear a chin strap for 7 days after the procedure. The recovery last 7-10 days and patients can generally return to work in 1 week. Submental liposuction is performed under local or general anesthesia. To learn more, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Desai and our Jacksonville plastic surgery team.