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Questions About Breast Implants

Are breast implants safe?
Since saline breast implants are filled with salt water, they are not harmful to the body. If a rupture occurs, your body will simply absorb the saline solution without any side effects. Due to the fact that silicone breast implants are made with a cohesive gel that does not leak, the gel will stay within the implant even in the case of a rupture.

How long do breast implants last?
Our plastic surgeons at Florida Plastic Surgery Group know that accurately predicting how long any given breast implant will last is impossible. In general, the FDA has found that after a woman has had implants for around 10 years, at least one of them will have broken. However, a ruptured breast implant is not always obvious.

If you decide to have breast implants, you can expect to need additional surgery over your lifetime to address ruptures or other complications. The older an implant is, the more likely you are to encounter problems.

How common is loss of feeling in the nipples?
Temporary numbness in the nipples after breast augmentation surgery occurs in up to 10-15% of patients; however, permanent numbness is quite rare. In addition, temporary numbness is less common when breast implants are placed underneath the muscle (submuscular placement).

Is there an age minimum or maximum for getting breast implants?
You need to be at least 18 years old to have saline breast implants, and at least 22 years old to have silicone breast implants. There is no upper age limit for breast augmentation. Many older patients who are in excellent health could potentially benefit from a breast augmentation. As long as you are in strong health and free of any major medical conditions, you should be a candidate for breast implants. Consult with your family physician prior to considering breast augmentation surgery.

How long is the recovery period after having breast augmentation surgery?
Every patient’s body heals differently, so the exact length of breast augmentation recovery periods vary. Generally, patients can expect to resume their normal activities after about a week of downtime. You should refrain from any vigorous exercise for the first month to prevent postoperative bleeding. Since swelling takes time to fully dissipate, the final results of your breast augmentation surgery may not be apparent for several months.

If you have further questions about breast implants or breast augmentation surgery, please contact our plastic surgeons today to schedule a consultation.

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