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Saline Breast Implants

Selecting your breast implant type is one of the most important choices you will make for your breast augmentation procedure. Implant type has a significant impact on the final results. Saline breast implants have several advantages, making them the best choice for many of our patients at Florida Plastic Surgery Group. However, the only way to determine which breast implant is right for you is to have a discussion with one of our plastic surgeons.

Advantages of Saline Breast Implants

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Saline implants are preferred by many women based on the many advantages; however, these breast implants have a couple disadvantages as well, including rippling and a less natural look and feel.

Saline breast implants are often chosen for one of the following advantages:

  • FDA-approved for women 18 and older
  • Filled to customized volumes
  • Require a smaller incision
  • Generally cost less than silicone implants
  • Visibility of ruptures

Unlike silicone breast implants – which come pre-filled from the manufacturer – saline breast implants are empty when placed in your breast. During the procedure, the implant is filled with saline fluid to reach the exact volume the patient desires. Because saline implants are inserted while deflated, these implants require a relatively small incision, which results in a relatively small scar.

In the past, saline implants have been criticized for causing breasts to feel hard and unnatural. Although saline does not have the capacity to feel as close to human fat as silicone gel does, techniques such as placing the implant behind the muscle have led to more natural-feeling saline implants.

Breast implants do not necessarily rupture, but they do become more prone to rupturing as they age. When a saline implant breaks, the fluid is harmlessly absorbed into and passed through your body. An advantage to saline breast implants is that ruptures are easily detected: the breast will begin to look flat and deflated as the implant leaks, so you can easily know when to make an appointment with one of our doctors.

Choosing the Right Breast Implant

You can gain a better understanding of breast implant types during a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons. In addition to choosing saline or silicone, you will also choose:

All of these factors, as well as how these factors will change the final result, will be explained by our cosmetic surgery team. We are committed to providing you with all the information necessary for you to make informed choices about your breast augmentation.

To learn more about choosing breast implants for breast augmentation, please contact our plastic surgeons today to schedule a consultation at the Florida Plastic Surgery Group.

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