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Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction

In some cases of breast cancer, a full mastectomy is not required. In these instances, a lumpectomy may be all that’s necessary to remove the threat of cancerous tissues. With that in mind, a lumpectomy that results in the removal of a significant portion of breast tissue, or one that must be performed in a conspicuous location, can cause a contour deformity. Here at Florida Plastic Surgery Group, one of the most advanced forms of breast reconstruction we offer is oncoplastic breast reconstruction, a technique that can address many of the aesthetic concerns caused by lumpectomy procedures. Oncoplastic breast reconstruction is designed to “fill in” the affected area of the breast with healthy breast tissue, ultimately concealing the defects that can result from a lumpectomy.


  • Minimizes the residual aesthetic effects of large amounts of tissue removal or scarring that can result from lumpectomy procedures.
  • Depending on the extent of your unique needs and the timing of the oncoplastic breast reconstruction procedure, an overnight hospital stay may not be required.
  • In some cases, oncoplastic breast reconstruction can be performed in tandem with the lumpectomy procedure. This typically means that a second major surgery should not be required.
  • For some patients, the best, most symmetric results from oncoplastic breast reconstruction are often accomplished by performing a breast lift or a breast reduction. These procedures are frequently considered part of the breast reconstruction process and therefore may be covered by insurance.


  • There is no guarantee that breast shape and volume will be fully symmetrical.
  • There is no guarantee that further surgery will not be required.
  • Post-lumpectomy radiation is often necessary following a simultaneous lumpectomy/oncoplastic breast reconstruction and may have an effect on results

Not every patient will be a candidate for oncoplastic breast reconstruction. During your initial consultation, our plastic surgeon will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine whether this procedure is right for your needs.

Insurance for Your Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Our team here at Florida Plastic Surgery Group will help you navigate the details of your insurance coverage for breast reconstruction. Pre-authorization from your insurance company is typically required. Our experienced office staff will serve as your advocate to the insurance company.

If you have questions about oncoplastic breast reconstruction, or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact our office today.