Chronic Pain and Nerve Disorder Jacksonville St Augustine FL
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Chronic Pain and Nerve Disorder

At Florida Plastic Surgery Group, we identify and diagnose a variety of chronic pain and nerve disorder conditions affecting areas of the body that can span from the neck to the feet. In the process of trying to heal itself, a damaged nerve can produce pain ranging from a dull throbbing to shooting or stabbing sensations. Nerve damage will oftentimes lead to chronic pain, as an injured nerve will continuously transmit pain signals to the body until it is repaired. Regardless of the origin of the pain – such as trauma, or a previous operation – these small sensory nerves surrounding the bones, cartilage, ligaments, and joints carry pain signals to the body’s larger nerves and eventually the spinal cord. In addition to chronic pain, symptoms of nerve injury include numbness, muscle weakness, and even paralysis in extreme cases.

Our experienced Jacksonville plastic surgeons offer both surgical and non-surgical options for dealing with chronic pain and nerve disorders. These options include treatment for:

Our plastic surgery team will use the consultation process as a time to diagnose your unique condition and determine which treatment – or combination of treatments – can relieve your pain. We will also develop an individually tailored approach for each patient. In cases where surgery is recommended, our doctors and patients work together to design a surgical plan that addresses their specific concerns.

If you have questions, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons to see how we can help to relieve your chronic pain, please contact the Florida Plastic Surgery Group today. In addition to our in-person consultation option, our doctor can also conduct a virtual consultation with you online.