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Choosing the Right Breast Implant Size

The main goal of breast augmentation is to enhance the size, volume, and overall appearance of your breasts. At the same time, many women are concerned about keeping their breasts proportionate with the rest of their bodies. No matter what kind of results you are looking for, choosing the right breast implant size is one of the most important decisions you can make before undergoing breast augmentation surgery. If your implants are too large, they will not only look more obvious, they can also lead to potential complications.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Your Size

Our plastic surgeons at Florida Plastic Surgery Group are dedicated to helping you obtain the best cosmetic result possible as safely as possible. During your breast augmentation consultation, be sure to openly discuss your cosmetic goals. Picking a cup size has certain limitations, but it is a useful place to start.

After measuring your breasts, our doctors will provide you with a range of sizes to choose from and will allow you to “try on” certain sizes using a special bra. You do not have to make a decision during your initial consultation, but most patients have their options narrowed down to around two sizes by the time they leave. You can make your final decision during your preoperative visit.

When deciding upon your breast implant size, consider some of the following factors:

  • Lifestyle: Larger-sized breast implants can potentially have a negative effect when it comes to certain physical activities. If you participate in yoga or sports for example, large breast implants may be somewhat of a burden.
  • Natural-looking results: Keep in mind the overall aesthetic results you are hoping to achieve, and that can help you determine the best implant size for your needs. Many individuals prefer sizes that closely match the slope and proportion of a natural breast so that others can’t easily tell that they have had breast augmentation. By contrast, some women are hoping for more spherical breasts and a more dramatic look, regardless of whether they appear “fake.” Sometimes, a combination of these two aesthetic goals can also be achieved.
  • Risks: The risks of implant complications are often higher with larger implant sizes. One of the more notable complications that has been associated with excessively large breast implants is known as “bottoming out.” This condition is characterized by the implants settling at a very low point on the chest, resulting in the nipples appearing too high on the breasts.

Our doctors have many years of experience helping patients select the right breast implant size for their individual needs and circumstances. They can provide you with advice and recommendations, but the final decision about your breast size will be up to you.

If you have more questions about choosing the right breast implant size, please contact our plastic surgeons today to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

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