Breast Lift After Weight Loss Jacksonville FL
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Breast Lift After Bariatric Surgery

For most women, losing a significant amount of weight results in breasts that appear deflated and the stretched skin begins to sag.

A breast lift (also known as a mastopexy) will restore the nipple to a higher position, while utilizing your existing tissue to create a fuller, natural appearing breast. Some patients may benefit from using an implant to add volume to the upper pole of the breast.

Most surgeons use mastopexy techniques that rely on the skin to shape the breast. However, the attenuated skin will often stretch over time and the results do not last more than a couple of years. Our plastic surgeons reshape the breast under the skin to give the breast a natural perkier shape. In addition, they will use skin and breast tissue that most surgeons discard and carefully preserve the blood supply to these flaps. The breast flaps are then sutured to the top of the breast to help create more fullness. The skin in then carefully draped over the reshaped breast resulting in a beautiful breast that will last for many years. This procedure is also commonly combined with a upper body lift or arm lift to maximize the cosmetic results.

Breast Lift / Mastopexy

A breast lift / mastopexy will remove the excess skin, elevate the nipple, and create a fuller perkier breast for women whose breasts have lost volume and have succumbed to gravity.

Preparing for Your Breast Lift / Mastopexy

Who is a candidate for a breast lift after massive weight loss (body contouring surgery)?
Women who have lost fullness and have stretched skin after losing weight are candidates for a mastopexy.

How do I prepare for my breast lift after massive weight loss (body contouring surgery)?
Nutritional supplementation and consuming foods rich in protein can ensure you have the building blocks to heal your incisions. In addition, we ask patients to be nicotine free for several weeks before and after surgery to minimize the chance for complications.

Recovering After Your Breast Lift / Mastopexy

We ask patients to wear a sports bra to provide gentle compression and to help support the breast as the healing process occurs for the first 3 weeks. Keeping your incisions moist with antibiotic ointment will help you incisions heal faster.

Financing / Insurance for Your Cosmetic Surgery

Our cosmetic surgery team constantly evaluates multiple companies to find the most reliable financing options for our patients. Please view our financing page to learn about the options available to you.

If you would like to learn more about breast lift procedures after significant weight loss, please contact us for an initial consultation.