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Breast Surgery Recovery

If you are interested in breast augmentation surgery, you are probably already aware that there will be a period of time dedicated to your healthy recovery. Your recovery will be closely monitored by our plastic surgeons for anything out of the ordinary. A typical recovery will take several weeks.

Breast Surgery and Immediately After Surgery

The surgery itself will take approximately 1-2 hours. Once the anesthesia wears off, you will feel sore and may continue to feel drowsy or a little “blurry” for the next 48 hours.

After you leave the hospital, you will be wearing a compression garment or bandages, which will bind the breasts to the body. During this early phase of recovery, homemade remedies can offer some relief from bruising and swelling. These remedies include cold compresses and ice packs from the drugstore or creating a solution that is one part rubbing alcohol to three parts water stored in the freezer to make a compress that forms easily around the incision area.

First Few Weeks

You will be tired and uncomfortable for a few days after breast surgery. It is best if you can have a loved one care for you during this time, since you will not want to move around much. Once you are ready, you should walk around to keep the risk of blood clots forming and to help reduce swelling.

After about a week, you may return to work as long as you limit your activity and get rest. Avoid heavy lifting and vigorous exercise until one of our doctors tells you it is safe to resume these activities. Other things to remember during the first week of recovery include:

  • Keep your incision dry and apply topical cream or lotion as instructed by our doctors
  • If you are wearing a drainage tube, keep the area clean and dry. The tube will be removed after your first post-surgical visit
  • Be sure to take antibiotics to avoid infection and take your temperature regularly. Contact our practice if your temperature reaches 101.

Next Several Weeks

Your breasts will be very sensitive for several weeks. Swelling may last over a month, and you will want to avoid contact or strenuous activity at this time. Our doctors may allow you to resume exercise a month after your breast surgery. Incision scars will begin their slow fade two months after surgery and become less noticeable over time.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs

Pay close attention to your overall health during your recovery process. Be alert for anything that seems out of the ordinary. Contact our doctors immediately if you experience any of the following:

  • Discharge or pus from the incision or nipples
  • Excessive bleeding or blisters around the incision
  • Numbness in your legs
  • Displacement, extrusion, deflation, or bottoming out of implants
  • Uncontrollable dizziness, pain, or vomiting
  • Blood in urine or feces, or spitting up blood

If you have any further questions about breast surgery recovery, please contact one of our experienced breast surgeons at the Florida Plastic Surgery Group for a consultation.

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