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Breast Reduction

Women who are born with large pendulous breasts or that have developed them over time due to factors such as pregnancy can have substantial health concerns. Large breasts can result in neck, back, or shoulder pain as well as skin irritation. In addition, grooves from bra straps can develop. For these women, breast reduction surgery can help eliminate the associated pain, improve the breast shape and size, as well as make the breast more proportionate in relation to the woman’s overall body.

A reduction mammoplasty (i.e. breast reduction) is performed by removing the excess glandular breast tissue and skin as well as repositioning the nipple to a higher position. There are a number of plastic surgeons performing breast reductions. However, not all breast reduction techniques are the same. Most of the traditional techniques for breast reduction result in a boxy shape or a “bottoming out” of the breast with time, and they can create large scars or lead to the loss of nipple sensation. Our board-certified plastic surgeons at Florida Plastic Surgery Group have experience with the latest techniques that minimize scarring, allow the breast to have more projection, last longer without bottoming out, have a natural shape, and maintain nipple sensation.

Our cosmetic surgery team will guide you through the process. At Florida Plastic Surgery Group, we believe that patients, their desires, and anatomy are all unique. Therefore, our doctors evaluate each patient and create a customized surgical plan for all of their patients.

Breast Reduction Procedure

Breast reduction surgery is performed by making incisions around the nipple-areola complex and below in a vertical direction. The nipple is left attached to the breast tissue so that the blood vessels and nerves going to the nipple are preserved. The excess skin and breast tissue is removed, and the breast is contoured to create a natural shape that is proportionate with the rest of your body. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia.


Preparing for Your Breast Reduction

Who is a candidate for breast reduction surgery (i.e. reduction mammaplasty)?
Women who suffer with back, neck, and/or shoulder pain as a result of large pendulous breasts are excellent candidates for breast reduction surgery.

How do I prepare for my breast reduction surgery?
Smoking can result in significant complications, including loss of the nipple-areola complex as well as wound healing problems due to the decrease in circulation to the skin. Therefore, we ask all patients undergoing breast reduction surgery to quit smoking 1 month prior and after surgery.

Recovering After Your Breast Reduction

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Patients should wear a supportive bra for 3-4 weeks after the operation. Under most circumstances, no drains are used after surgery and all the sutures are dissolvable.

As the incision begins to heal (i.e. after 3 weeks), there are a number of things you can use to help minimize the size and appearance of the scar. Massaging the scar with firm finger pressure will help the scar blend in and decrease the swelling. In addition, paper tape and silicone gel sheeting have both been shown to help minimize the scars with time. Some commercially available products such as Mederma or vitamin E may also have some benefit.

Financing / Insurance for Your Cosmetic Surgery

Breast reductions often can be covered by your insurance plan, but pre-authorization from your insurance company is required. At Florida Plastic Surgery Group, our office staff will work with you and act as your advocate to the insurance company, but the final decision rests with your insurance company. We also work with reputable healthcare financing companies that offer qualified applicants a range of monthly payment plans.

If you are uncomfortable due to excessively large breast, our doctors at Florida Plastic Surgery Group can help. If you would like to learn more about this very popular procedure that changes lives, please contact our office today.