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What is a Browlift?

Browlift surgery, sometimes referred to as a forehead lift, is an aesthetic enhancement procedure designed to elevate the brow and smooth out fine lines and creases in areas between and above the eyebrows. Over time, it is natural for the brow to descend, ultimately producing a sagging effect above the eyes. In addition, furrows and “frown lines” that appear between the brows, as well as creases along the forehead, can make one appear more tired, angry, or older than they really are. A browlift from one of our plastic surgeons can give these areas a smoother, more rested appearance with results that look natural.

There are many advanced techniques that can be utilized for a brow lift. The amount of elevation is critical, as some surgeons can lift the brow too much and cause their patients to have a “surprised” appearance after the procedure. Our plastic surgeons will elevate the brow and create a natural arch to result in a younger and smoother-appearing forehead. Our facial plastic surgery team will help you determine which type of browlift technique best suits your needs. At Florida Plastic Surgery Group, we believe that patients, their desires, and their anatomy are all unique. Therefore, our doctors will perform a thorough evaluation and create a customized surgical plan for your individual goals.

What Can a Browlift Do for Me?

A browlift can significantly rejuvenate areas of the upper face and effectively address many common signs of age and stress. Benefits of a browlift can include:

  • Elevation of sagging eyebrows and reduction of upper eyelid “hooding”
  • Reduction in signs of furrows and creases between the eyebrows
  • Reduction in signs of creases and fine lines along the forehead
  • Improvement of aesthetic concerns in brow and forehead areas that may be causing a stressed, angry, exhausted, or aged appearance

While a browlift can provide beautiful results on its own, this procedure can also be combined with a facelift or eyelid surgery for even greater, more comprehensive aesthetic enhancement.

Who is a Candidate for Browlift Surgery?

Men and women of all ages with deepened furrows or wrinkles, drooping brows, and loss of the normal eyebrow arch are typically good candidates for a brow lift procedure. Individuals who are interested in this treatment should also be in relatively good general health at the time of surgery.

Our plastic surgeon will meet with you for an initial consultation to talk with you about your goals. If browlift surgery is the right option for your needs, he will create a customized treatment plan designed to meet your expectations with natural-looking results.

Minimally-Invasive Temporal Browlift

A temporal browlift is primarily designed to restore a youthful arch to the brow. This technique involves the creation of a very small incision just behind the hairline. The brow will be released from its attachment to the bone and moved to a higher position. Scarring from this type of browlift surgery is typically very minimal due to the nature of the incisions, and virtually unnoticeable since it is concealed by the hair. Unlike a conventional browlift (described below), a temporal browlift does not address furrows between the brows; however, this treatment can be combined with injectable treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic to temporarily reduce creases and lines that develop in that area.

Conventional Browlift

This technique utilizes an incision made behind the hairline that goes from ear to ear. For patients who have receding hair, the incision can often be created in such a way that it prevents the addition of more height to the forehead. A conventional browlift involves the elevation of the skin and underlying muscles and a weakening of the muscles that create wrinkles. Excess skin is removed and the remainder tightened for a smoother appearance. This procedure is designed to produce very inconspicuous residual scarring since the incisions are essentially hidden within the hair.

Patients undergoing any type of browlift surgery should ensure their blood pressure is well-controlled and should stop any medications that increase bleeding, such as aspirin and ibuprofen (Advil® and others). Our team will review your medical history and go over all pre- and post-operative instructions with you so you will know what to expect.

What is Recovery from Browlift Like?

Our doctors and staff are committed to helping patients achieve a rapid recovery after browlift surgery. While the recovery process varies depending on the browlift technique utilized and each patient’s unique needs, most individuals are able to resume working approximately 7 to 10 days following the procedure. Some may require less downtime; however, it is important to follow the recommendations of our surgeon and our surgical team to ensure a smooth recovery. Swelling and soreness can be expected after browlift surgery, but these effects should dissipate as the recovery period progresses. Sleeping with your head elevated helps blood flow and should minimize post-operative bruising and swelling. The mild pain associated with a brow lift is generally well-managed with oral pain medications and usually improves in the first few days. There may be some temporary numbness of the forehead, but this symptom should resolve over the coming weeks.

How Much Does Browlift Surgery Cost?

The cost of browlift surgery is typically $4,499 here at Florida Plastic Surgery Group. While this is the general cost at our practice, it is important to note that this procedure is customized and the total price will depend on a variety of factors unique to each patient’s treatment plan. These factors include the type of browlift surgery that is performed, the complexity of the treatment, fees associated with the surgical facility and anesthesia, whether the browlift is being combined with additional treatments, and other components. Once our surgeon has created your treatment plan during the initial consultation, a member of our staff will produce a quote for the total price of your browlift surgery. Rest assured that our team will provide you with a full and complete cost estimate at the outset—one that includes all associated expenses—so you will know what to expect. We are happy to talk with you about the many varied payment methods we accept at Florida Plastic Surgery Group, and answer any questions you may have about the possibility of financing your procedure. Our office works with a number of reputable plastic surgery financing companies that offer a comprehensive selection of convenient payment plans for qualified applicants.

Is a Non-Surgical Browlift Possible?

A surgical browlift is the most effective way to achieve significant brow elevation and outcomes that last as long as possible; however, for patients who may not need or desire surgery to achieve their goals, BOTOX® Cosmetic may be an ideal alternative. This injectable treatment cannot elevate the brow or address concerns such as upper eyelid hooding as extensively as browlift surgery, but it can often provide a small lifting effect and temporarily diminish signs of furrows and lines between the brows, as well as forehead creases. This non-surgical “brow lift with BOTOX® Cosmetic” can be a good option for the right patient. With that in mind, the results typically last only about three to four months, and will need occasional “touch-up” treatments to maintain the effects.

If you would like to learn more about browlift surgery, or if you are ready to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced plastic surgeons, please contact us today.

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