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Ear Surgery

An otoplasty encompasses multiple procedures aimed at creating an improved aesthetic appearance to the ears. At Florida Plastic Surgery Group, our Jacksonville plastic surgeons perform otoplasties to address a variety of conditions including:

  • Prominent Ear Deformity
  • Abnormal pointing of the top of the ear (Stahl’s ear deformity)
  • Ear Lobe Ptosis or Sagging
  • Ear Lobe Cleft (a split in the ear lobe due to prolonged earring use)
  • Reconstruction after traumatic injuries

Preparing for Your Ear Surgery / Otoplasty

Who is a candidate for ear surgery / otoplasty?
Men and women who desire improvement in the shape and appearance of any portion of their ear are candidates for ear surgery.

How do I prepare for my ear surgery or otoplasty?
You should stop any medication that increases bleeding including over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements. Ask our facial plastic surgery team for more info.

Recovering After Your Otoplasty

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You will have a protective dressing over the area and will be encourage to sleep to minimize pressure over your ears. Sleeping with your head slightly elevated will help to minimize swelling and bruising.

Risks associated with ear surgery include bruising, contour irregularities, asymmetry, and well as recurrence of the prominent deformity.

Otoplasty or ear surgery is a perfect solution for protruding ears. If you would like to learn more about ear surgery, please contact Florida Plastic Surgery Group today. We offer a variety of attractive financing options to fit most budgets.