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notice iconCOVID-19 and Virtual Consultations


The plastic surgeons at Florida Plastic Surgery Group discuss costs of plastic surgery procedures, aspects of treatment that factor into the total price, and options for patients that can make paying for cosmetic enhancement as financially convenient as possible. Jacksonville, FL – Interest in plastic surgery and other procedures designed to enhance one’s appearance remains popular among both women and men. In fact, even during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when many elective surgeries had to be cancelled across the U.S., statistics from Google Trends cited a significant jump in searches for plastic surgery. The board-certified Jacksonville plastic surgeons at Florida Plastic Surgery Group say this may have been an indication that more and more individuals were using downtime… Continue Reading

Plastic surgeons with Florida Plastic Surgery Group in Jacksonville discuss the advantages of virtual consultations for new patients considering treatment as well as post-operative patients who may not require in-office assistance. Jacksonville, FL – As the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a variety of major changes in our day-to-day lives, many businesses and service providers have found new and innovative ways to adapt. Medical care and aesthetic enhancement practices such as Florida Plastic Surgery Group are no exception. In addition to significantly enhancing disinfection protocols and reconfiguring its offices and scheduling practices to minimize risk of exposure to the coronavirus, the Jacksonville plastic surgeons at Florida Plastic Surgery Group have implemented a new tool of communication that allows current patients and… Continue Reading

The initial consultation and the post-operative follow-up process are two of the most important steps of the treatment experience here at Florida Plastic Surgery Group. While our team is used to conducting these aspects of care in-person, we fully understand that many individuals would like to limit their potential risk of exposure to the coronavirus as much as possible. With this in mind, our plastic surgeons offer virtual consultations that can be conducted online, and this effective tool of communication has become quite popular with our patients! Virtual consultations allow individuals to meet with members of our plastic surgery team via phone or an online video link. This can be very convenient for prospective patients who wish to talk about… Continue Reading

Hi my name is Morgen and I’m one of the PA’s at Florida Plastic Surgery Group. Today I will be discussing your discharge instructions after your facelift which may include fat grafting after your facelift. You will have an incision on both sides of your face that goes around the front side of your ear and partially behind your ear. Your sutures will be outside of the skin and you will be able to see them if you look at your incision line. You will also have one drain coming out of one or the other side of your face when you wake up you will have a wrap around your head the wrap is to decrease swelling. It also… Continue Reading

Hi my name is Morgen and I am one of the physician assistants here at Florida Plastic Surgery Group. Today I’ll be talking to you about your discharge instructions after your capsulectomy with or without mastopexy this is also known as a breast lift. When you wake up from surgery all of your sutures will be underneath the skin, they will dissolve over time and none of them will have to be removed. You will have steri-strips over all of your incisions, steri-strips are fabric band-aid like strips. You’re going to leave those on until your first post-op appointment at which time we will take them off for you. You will also have a bra on, this is a surgical… Continue Reading

Hi my name is Alana Weatherly I am one of the PA’s here at Florida Plastic Surgery Group. Today I will be discussing a breast surgery referred to as a breast lift with fat grafting also known as a composite mastopexy. We offer this procedure here at our practice for patients who are looking to have their breasts lifted. Most often their nipple position is lower than they would like so we reposition it at a correct height and then we add fat to the areas to give it a fuller look without the use of an implant. The fat is achieved from usually the belly hips or flanks by liposuction. In the operating room we process that fat sterilely… Continue Reading

Hi my name is Lauren Lynch and I’m a Physician’s Assistant here at Florida Plastic Surgery Group. Today I’m going to talk with you about your exchange of tissue expander to implant with the addition of fat grafting. When you wake up from surgery, you’re going to wake up in a front closing sports bra I want you to wear it 24/7 even when you’re sleeping. You can take it off to 24 hours after surgery. When you do, just let the water hit your back and run forward over all of your incisions no direct pressure and no heavy scrubbing. You can reach up like you’re going to wash your hair but I don’t want the angle of your… Continue Reading

Hi my name is Alana I’m one of the PA’S here at Florida plastic surgery group. Today I’m going to be talking about post-op instructions following a breast augmentation surgery. First off, thank you for choosing us in your care we’re happy to welcome you to our family. Having a breast augmentation with us there’s post-op instructions that are going to be filled out for you already in your packets so you’ll have it all written down for you. I still like to go over it with patient’s day of surgery so you’ll hear several times and also, you’ll have the written instructions and this video to refer back to if need be. Immediately following your breast augmentation surgery you’ll… Continue Reading