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Over 30 million Americans have been diagnosed with migraine headaches, and yet many have not found relief. If you suffer from the symptoms of severe headaches or migraines, Our Jacksonville plastic surgery practice offers an outpatient treatment option that may be able to ease your pain.

Migraine headaches can significantly impact a person’s life – from their work to their personal lives. Many patients choose to treat migraine headache pain with medications, acupuncture, or massage. However, these methods of treatment are not effective for everyone. For patients who have not found relief from these treatment options, migraine surgery is an alternative that may work to completely and permanently eliminate pain.

Migraine surgery is designed to substantially reduce or relieve pain by targeting the pain’s source. In many cases, a patient’s migraine pain consistently stems from the same area. These sites of pain (peripheral trigger sites) can be located frontally, temporally, occipitally, or nasally.

Once the source of pain is identified, migraine surgery has been shown to be effective at minimizing future migraine headaches in a large majority of cases. After the procedure, some patients will find their migraine headaches have completely disappeared.


Potential candidates for surgical migraine treatment from Dr. Michael Fallucco first have their specific condition diagnosed by a neurologist or primary care physician. The International Headache Society offers guidelines for identifying the precise nature of a patient’s headaches, allowing Dr. Fallucco to determine the patient’s candidacy for treatment. Because not all headaches result from the same cause, not all patients suffering from headaches will be eligible candidates for this procedure.

PROCEDURE: Migraine surgery
PROCEDURE: Migraine surgery


Prior to the consultation process, we ask that all patients complete our migraine headache questionnaire as well as compile medical records pertaining to previous headache treatments or diagnostic studies. Dr. Fallucco’s goal during the consultation is to locate the exact nerves that are causing migraine pain. These nerves – or peripheral trigger sites – are often found using diagnostic injections of local anesthetic or BOTOX®, and some patients will experience immediate temporary pain relief. Once these trigger sites are identified, a treatment plan will be designed to meet your unique needs.


Migraine surgery is performed under general anesthesia administered by a board certified anesthesiologist, and for nearly all patients, the surgery is an outpatient procedure. The treatment targets specific nerves in the head and neck and is designed to “decompress” them, which releases the nerve from constrictive tissue and can relieve the chronic compression that causes pain. Typically the procedure is performed in 1-3 hours, depending on the severity and complexity of the condition. Any residual scarring should be barely detectable after the procedure since the incisions are placed in the same manner as many standard cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.


Migraine surgery patients are encouraged to rest for one week after the procedure, avoiding strenuous activity. Pain medication can be used to relieve any swelling or bruising that may result from treatment. After 7 days, patients are asked to return to our office for a follow-up visit with Dr. Fallucco to ensure a successful recovery.

If you would like more information on treatment for migraine headaches, or if you would like to schedule a consultation to talk about your options, please contact us today.