Headache Surgery: Relief Beyond Medications

If you are experiencing daily severe headaches or migraines, our plastic surgery clinic in Jacksonville provides an outpatient treatment option that could potentially reduce the frequency, severity and duration of your daily headache pain through a surgery to reduce the irritation on nerve(s) in your head or neck causing this pain. While medications, acupuncture, and massage are common treatments for migraine pain, they may not work for everyone. For those who have not found relief with these methods, headache surgery is an alternative that could help alleviate your pain.

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Experience Headache Relief at Florida Plastic Surgery Group

At Florida Plastic Surgery Group, our experienced medical professionals can provide long-lasting relief for those who suffer from daily headache pain. We understand the debilitating effects of daily headache pain and are committed to helping our patients find the comfort they need to live a more comfortable and pain-free life. If you have suffered from a whiplash-type injury or other trauma to the head or neck, you may have injured a nerve that can cause chronic daily headache pain.  It's essential to know that many types of headache pain or migraines exist. Migraines can be severe and may indicate other health problems. Prior to seeking treatment with our practice, if you are experiencing any kind of headache, you must see your neurologist or primary care physician for a comprehensive evaluation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our treatment options.

What Is a Occipital Neuralgia?

One of the most common sources for chronic daily headaches that we treat in our practice is the pain associated with occipital neuralgia. The occipital nerves as they originate from the cervical spine levels 2 and 3 (C2 or C3) travel a tortuous path through muscle, fascia and are in close proximity to blood vessels and lymph nodes all of which can cause pressure or irritation on those nerves. For instance, if a patient has a whip-lash injury the resulting nerve irritation or neuralgia can lead to chronic daily headache pain.

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How is Headache Surgery Performed?

Once our team has identified that your chronic daily headache pain is related to an identifiable nerve in your head or neck, known as a trigger site, we will address that trigger site surgically if indicated. Surgical treatment of headache pain is done under general anesthesia, typically lasts 1-2 hours, and is done as an outpatient, meaning you will go home the same day. During this procedure, we will address the nerve(s) causing your pain with the goal to reduce the frequency, severity, and duration of your pain.

Am I a candidate for headache surgery?

Good candidates for headache surgery have had a complete neurological workup of their headaches by their neurologist or primary care provider.  Candidates will have headache pain that typically always starts in the same region or site in the head or neck, leading to their headache pain.   During your consultation, we will identify the specific nerves causing your headache pain using injections of local anesthetic or BOTOX®. Some patients may experience temporary relief right away. Once the trigger sites are identified, we will create a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

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How Much Does Migraine Surgery Cost?

Our practice offers migraine surgery that can be covered by insurance or costs around $7,000-$8,000 per deactivation site if not covered by your insurance. The price will depend on factors such as the complexity of treatment and anesthesia and facility fees, among others. Once we develop your treatment plan, we will provide you with an estimated cost that includes all expenses associated with the procedure. We accept various payment methods, including medical financing agencies like (ADD AND HYPERLINK PatientFi) , CareCredit® and ALPHAEON™ Credit, which offer low- to no-interest monthly payment plans for eligible applicants. Our team is dedicated to helping you find a way to pay for treatment that fits your budget.

If you want more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.

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