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Neck Lift for Men

male3If you are concerned about signs of aging in your face, you have probably also noticed visible signs of aging in your neck. Perhaps you are uncomfortable with the thickness of your neck and are interested in options to redefine a masculine contour to your neck line. Many patients are interested in a neck lift either in conjunction with or independent of a facelift.

At Florida Plastic Surgery Group, our doctors offer several types of neck lift in varying degrees of complexity for our male guests. The three types of neck lift procedures available for men are:

Most often, one or more of these types of procedures is used to achieve the desired look. The following explains what each type of neck lift achieves.


Liposuction used in a neck lift is much like liposuction for any other part of the body. Most men experience increased fat deposits under the chin, and a small incision is made to liposuction excess fat from this area. If fat has built up around the sides or in the front of the neck, our doctors may use liposuction to reduce the fat in these areas as well.


Many men experience a weakening of the central bands of muscle on their necks which adds to excess fat to create a bulky, “banded” appearance of the neck. Platysmaplasty is a neck lift procedure that tightens the lax central bands of muscle to help create a smoother shape to the neck line.


If the loose appearance of your neck is due to excess skin, cervicoplasty (a full neck lift) is most likely the procedure our doctors will recommend. A full neck lift includes the tightening of neck muscles, as well as the removal of extra skin through incisions behind the jaws or under the ears to remove excess skin.

A full neck lift will provide the greatest improvement in appearance but may not be necessary for every patient. During your consultation with one of our doctors, we will discuss your aesthetic goals with you and help you determine which combination of the above procedures is ideal for your individual body and goals.

Neck Lift Recovery

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Recovering from a neck lift varies from person to person. The more extensive the surgery, the longer you should expect to allow yourself to recover. All procedures require recovery time and that you require well hydrated and nourished.

To learn more about neck lifts for men and speak with one of our doctors at Florida Plastic Surgery Group, please contact us today.