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The experienced plastic surgeons and our skilled team here at Florida Plastic Surgery Group pride ourselves on carrying skin care products that produce real results and are backed by scientific studies. Since so many products make claims of superiority and effectiveness, it can be confusing to decide on what skin care line to use. Our doctors have researched skin rejuvenation, and there are key components to every skin care product that has been shown to improve the appearance, feel, and texture of your skin while eliminating fine line and wrinkles:

  • Retinol – A product that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing cell turnover. This ingredient brings younger, fresher skin cells to the surface.
  • Skin Exfoliation – Peeling agents such as hydroxy acid or glycolic acid can help remove the top layer of dead skin cells and allow deeper penetration of topical prescription medications for more effective skin care.

While only a few companies utilize these skin therapies, products that incorporate these components have been proven to work for most patients.


With non-surgical microneedling treatment, you can stimulate collagen and healthy new skin layers to smooth out signs of wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, sun damage, and other skin conditions. Our practice can use the advanced COSMOPen™ technology to beautifully refresh the look of your skin.

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Skin Care Products

Our team takes pride in offering state-of-the-art skin care options to help patients achieve a healthy, beautiful complexion. See below to learn about the advanced products we offer:


Composed of a hydrating gel matrix, the RHA™ Serum offers immediate softening and plumping of the skin while decreasing fine lines and pore size. While most moisturizers just sit atop the skin rather than restoring hydration, this serum uses hydrogen bonding to not only moisturize the skin but keep it on the skin longer, which is possible through the chemically cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA) formula. Since the body loses about a third of its naturally produced HA, TEOXANE’s RHA™ Serum fulfills the need of replacing the lost substance and ensuring the body continues to produce it.


This fast-drying gel scar treatment is composed of silicone and SPF30. It is designed to help prevent and treat abnormal scarring following a surgery and can also be used to minimize scarring caused by a burn. bioCorneum®+ works by softening and flattening raised scar tissue and preventing and/or reducing discoloration. The gel dries as a clear, flexible layer of silicone and helps relieve symptoms of itching and discomfort during the healing process. It is water-resistant and can also be worn under makeup should scar coverage be desired.

If you are interested in learning more about skin care and the products we offer at our practice, or if you would like to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation with one of our plastic surgeons, please contact our office today.