Doctors with Florida Plastic Surgery Group offer insight into some of the most common concerns among women considering breast lift procedures.

Jacksonville, FL – According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, nearly 133,000 breast lift procedures were performed in 2014. That makes breast lift, medically known as Mastopexy, one of the most popular surgical cosmetic enhancement options in America. The Jacksonville plastic surgeons at Florida Plastic Surgery Group say they routinely see women at their practice who are considering breast lift surgery, and recently took the time to talk about some of the most common questions they receive from individuals looking to restore and revitalize the appearance of their breasts.

Dr. Ankit Desai, Dr. Michael Fallucco, and Dr. Joseph Parks say breast lift surgery is often ideal for women who are experiencing sagginess or a “drooping” appearance among the breasts. They note that this is typically caused by recent pregnancy, weight fluctuations, the natural aging process, and simple gravity. A breast lift procedure can correct these effects by removing excess skin, tightening the remaining skin, and “lifting” the breasts and nipples to a higher position. The results can ultimately yield a firmer, more youthful, and “perky” appearance. The doctors say many women ask them about the potential scarring from the procedure, a common concern among patients undergoing any type of surgery. They note that, with an experienced plastic surgeon utilizing advanced techniques and proper placement of incisions, residual scarring from breast lift surgery can often be very light and easily hidden under clothing or swimwear. They also say that scars tend to fade over time, becoming even less conspicuous.

Another frequently asked question about breast lift surgery the doctors encounter involves whether breast lift surgery requires the placement of breast implants. The short answer, they say, is no. While patients who want to add volume to the breasts in addition to reducing the appearance of sagginess may benefit from a combined breast lift with implants procedure, the doctors say breast augmentation would not be necessary for patients who are looking only to eliminate loose, excess skin and restore the appearance of their breasts.

Many women also wonder about what the breast lift recovery process typically entails. The Jacksonville plastic surgeons say most patients need about one week to rest and recuperate before resuming normal daily activities. They note that any pain can be controlled with medication and, as long as the patient follows post-operative instructions, the breasts should heal nicely and the full results of the procedure should appear relatively quickly.

Ultimately, the doctors at Florida Plastic Surgery Group say that breast lift treatment can help women beautifully renew the appearance of their breasts with natural-looking results. They believe that the first step for individuals who have questions about the procedure should involve contacting a reputable, experienced plastic surgeon and talking with them about their concerns. The doctors encourage women considering breast lift surgery to ask any and all questions, and to make sure they feel comfortable with the surgeon for whom they are entrusting their health and appearance.

Florida Plastic Surgery Group

Drs. Ankit Desai, Michael Fallucco, and Joseph Parks at Florida Plastic Surgery Group offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic enhancement and reconstructive surgery procedures in the Jacksonville, Middleburg, and St. Augustine, Florida area. In addition to procedures for the face, breasts, and body, the practice offers non-surgical cosmetic enhancement options and professional skin care treatments. Each doctor at Florida Plastic Surgery Group has been named a Top Doctor in Jacksonville Magazine. They are available for interview upon request.

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