One of the most important decisions you will have to make regarding your breast augmentation procedure involves the placement of your breast implants. In fact, the breast implant placement option you choose will have a significant impact on your final outcome as well as the length of your recovery time.

There are two breast implant placement options available:

  • Submuscular placement (under the chest muscle)
  • Subglandular placement (above the chest muscle)

If you choose the submuscular option, your breast implant will be placed underneath the chest muscle. This option often results in a more natural breast appearance since there is more breast tissue covering the implant. This is especially true among women with very little natural breast tissue. Other impacts of submuscular placement on your results include:

  • A more natural breast slope
  • Contours of breast implant are not noticeable
  • Lower risk of capsular contracture
  • Breast implants may take longer to settle
  • Recovery period is longer
  • Breast implant may become displaced during intensive, body-building chest exercises
  • Longer waiting period before you can begin exercising your chest

In the subglandular placement option, the breast implant is placed underneath the breast tissue, but above the chest muscle. This option is better suited to women who have a decent amount of natural breast tissue, since the implant will be more likely to show through if you have very little natural breast tissue.

Other impacts of sublgandular placement include:

  • Shorter recovery period
  • Creates a higher, rounder breast appearance
  • More effectively addresses mild sagging issues
  • Breast implant contours may be more noticeable

Please contact the Florida Plastic Surgery Group today to schedule your initial breast augmentation consultation. Dr. Desai serves patients in Jacksonville, Florida.

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