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Florida Plastic Surgery Group is committed to transparent pricing and services that go above and beyond the ordinary. Our pricing includes 24/7 access to our providers during recovery, which is included in the cost of surgery. 

Leading plastic surgery center in Jacksonville, FL

Our surgeons are leaders in the field, having taken care of thousands of patients, including over 2000 microsurgical DIEP flaps and thousands of breast and body procedures, and we are one of the few centers in the area that perform deep plane facelifts and neck lifts. We are committed to excellence in patient care and treat our patients as family, delivering the highest level of up-to-date and ethical care in the field of plastic surgery, both cosmetic and reconstructive. 

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Surgical Pricing

Procedure Total Cost
Abdominoplasty (with Exparel) 8,999
Abdominoplasty - Fleur de Lis 
(with Exparel)
Lipoabdominoplasty 11,499
Aug - Remove and Replace - Saline (with any Capsule) 8,999
Aug - Remove and Replace – Saline (with any capsule work), Lift 12,999
Aug - Remove and Replace - Silicone (with any Capsule work) 9,999*
Aug - Remove and Replace - Silicone (with any Capsule work), Lift 13,999*
Augmentation - Saline Implants 5,999
Augmentation - Silicone Implants 6,999*
Augmentation/Mastopexy – Saline 9,999
Augmentation/Mastopexy – Silicone 10,999*
Blepharoplasty Lower Lid (in OR) 7,999
Blepharoplasty Upper and Lower Lids (OR) 11,999
Blepharoplasty Upper Lid (in office) 3,999
Blepharoplasty Upper Lid (in OR) 4,999
Body Lift (Lower - Circumferential) 18,999
Body Lift (Posterior) 10,999
Brachioplasty 8,999
360 Lipo w/FG to the buttocks 14,999
360 Liposuction 10,499
360 Liposuction with Abdominoplasty 18,999
Breast Lift (Mastopexy) 8,499
Breast Lift - Composite Add On 1,999
Breast Lift - EllipsePexy Add On 1,500
Breast Reduction 8,999
Lateral Brow Lift 4,499
Chin Implant 5,999
Earlobe repair (per ear in office)
Bilateral repair
1000 (PA)
1,500 (MD)
Keloid/Mole/Lesion Removal (non-cancerous) 1500
Procedure Total Cost
Deep Plane Facelift (includes 2 laser treatments) 14,999
Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift (includes two laser treatments) 24,999
Fat grafting to breasts (in OR) 6,099
Fat grafting face (in office 4,400) 5,499
Fat grafting to lips 3,000
Fat Grafting add on in another surgery (1 Donor Site) 3,500
Each Additional Donor Site 1,500
Gynecomastia (in office) 4,999
Gynecomastia (in OR) (With Excision/Lipo) 7,499
Implant Deflation (Bilateral) (in office) 500
Implant Removal (in office) 3,000
Implant Removal and Capsulectomies 7,999
Implant Removal, Capsulectomies, and Mastopexy 11,999
Inverted Nipple Correction/Areola Reduction (in office, per breast) 1,200
Labiaplasty (OR) 5,499
Labiaplasty (in office) 4,499
Liposuction (+1500 each add'l area) 3,999
Mastectomy (transgender) 6,499
Migraine (each trigger site) 8,999
Mini-abdominoplasty 4,999
Monsplasty 5,999
Deep Plane Neck Lift (Includes 2 laser treatments) 14,999
Otoplasty 5,999
Rectus Plication/Umb Transposition with Panniculectomy 3,399
Rect/Lipoabdominoplasty with Panniculectomy 5,399
Rhinoplasty 7,999
Scar Revision, Abdomen (in office) 1,999
Temporal/Direct Brow Lift (in office) 2,499
Thigh Lift - Inner Lift
Medial Thigh Lift
Umbilicoplasty (in OR)  (if in office then 2499) 3,999

*X-tra High Silicone or Soft Touch Implants – add $300

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