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Chin Augmentation

The chin contributes to the overall balance of the face and is a major part of your profile. A receding chin is a result of underdevelopment of the lower jaw and/or face. This condition can create the illusion of a prominent nose as well as poor neck contour. Therefore, chin augmentation surgery is frequently combined with nose reshaping procedures (rhinoplasty) or various neck lift procedures. The placement of a chin implant can restore harmony and proportion to all of the facial elements.

At Florida Plastic Surgery Group, chin augmentation can be performed by placing an implant or by moving the bone forward. If your dental occlusion is normal and you have a receding chin, you may be a candidate for chin augmentation with an implant. The Medpor implant (seen below) is most commonly used for chin and mandibular augmentation. The porous structure of the implant allows it to incorporate with your own tissue without being susceptible to the rejection and capsule formation seen with silicone implants. By securing the chin implant directly to the bone, the implant will add volume to your existing chin. The implants come in a number of different sizes, allowing our doctors to choose a custom implant that matches your existing bone structure.

Our cosmetic surgery team will help you decide which implants best suits your needs. At the Florida Plastic Surgery Group, we believe that patients, their desires, and anatomy are all unique. Therefore, our doctors evaluate each patient and create a customized surgical plan for all of their patients. To schedule a consultation, call us now at (904) 262-DESAI (3372) or complete the contact us form on our website.

Chin Surgery / Augmentation Procedure

Chin augmentation with a MEDPOR® implant is performed through either an incision inside the mouth or under the chin. A space directly on the bone is created and the implant secured directly to the bone. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and can be performed either under local or general anesthesia. To learn more, please schedule a consultation with our Jacksonville facial plastic surgery team.

Preparing for Your Jacksonville Chin Surgery / Augmentation

Who is a candidate for chin augmentation surgery?
Both men and women of all ages with underdeveloped jaw and lower face and who have normal dental occlusion are candidates for the procedure.

How do I prepare for my chin augmentation surgery?
Good oral hygiene and ensuring any medical conditions you have are stable and managed by your primary care physician.

Recovering After Your Jacksonville Chin Surgery / Augmentation

A chin support strap may need to be worn for the first few days following chin augmentation. There may be some temporary numbness of the lower lip, but this resolves over the coming weeks. Patients should avoid hot liquids immediate after surgery to prevent burns. Some risks associated with chin implant surgery include bruising, sagging of the chin, infection, and malposition of the implant. Please call our Jacksonville cosmetic surgery team at 904-262-3372 to schedule a consultation and to learn more about this procedure.

Financing for Your Cosmetic Surgery in Jacksonville

Our cosmetic surgery team constantly evaluates multiple companies to find the most reliable financing options for our patients in Jacksonville, FL. Please view our financing page to learn about the options available to you.

If you live in Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, or St. Augustine, Florida and would like to learn more about chin implants or chin augmentation surgery, please contact the Florida Plastic Surgery Group to schedule an initial consultation. We offer a variety of financing options that fit most budgets.

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