Hi my name is Lauren Lynch and I’m a physician assistant here at Florida Plastic Surgery group. Today I’m going to talk with you about your post-operative instructions for your implant removal, replacement and mastopexy (breast lift). When you wake up from surgery, you’re going to wake up in a front closing sports bra, I want you to wear it 24/7 even when you’re sleeping. You can take it off to shower and you can shower the day after your surgery. When you do shower, just let the water hit your back and run forward over all of your incisions, no direct pressure and no heavy scrubbing. You can reach up like you’re going to wash your hair but I don’t want the angle of your arm to go up past this. No extreme reaching and no lifting greater than 10 pounds. Directly over your incisions you’ll have little flat band-aids called steri-strips they’re naturally less adhesive than a band-aid but during surgery we put something on under them to help get you to that first post-op visit. If those strips fall off, you can still do warm soapy water and pat dry. Some ladies can’t even have them because of an adhesive allergy so if they fall off, it’s okay. Reminders with any surgery, look for things like swelling or pain in one leg or upper extremity. Other things to look out for are increased heart rate, shortness of breath, if one breast is larger than the other, and if your skin is hot to the touch. If any of these symptoms occur, give our office a call.

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