A breast lift (mastopexy) is an outpatient surgical procedure to correct and lift drooping (ptotic) breasts. Aging, pregnancy, genetics, and weight fluctuations are all common reasons for breasts to droop or sag. As breasts sag, they may appear to have a lack of overall volume, and the areolas may be enlarged or pointing downwards. A breast lift will reshape the breasts, raise the nipple/areola to a more central location, and tighten the breast pocket and excess skin.

Recovery can vary between patients, but on average patients are back to work in approximately 1 week with 2-3 weeks of swelling. After surgery, you will be placed in a support bra with steri-strips over your incisions. We use dissolvable sutures underneath the skin that will not need to be removed. Swelling and bruising is common, but typically resolves by week 3. In the initial postoperative period, we suggest no heavy lifting (greater than 10 pounds) or exercise until your first appointment that is 7-10days from surgery. At that point in time, we will provide you with instructions on increasing your physical activity and weight restrictions. A support bra should be worn four weeks from your surgery, and an underwire bra may be worn in ~6 weeks as long as your incisions are fully healed. A vast majority of women will not require drain placement for a breast lift, which will be discussed at your consultation.

We look forward to discussing your breast lift with you in further detail. Please call us at (904) 262-3372 to schedule your consultation!

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