Due to factors such as the natural process of aging, heredity, weight gain and loss, pregnancy, and even simple gravity, the breasts can begin to sag and accumulate excess, inelastic skin. A breast lift is often the most ideal option to address these concerns and give the breasts a more youthful and firm appearance. With that in mind, a breast lift cannot effectively address a significant loss in breast volume or help patients who would simply like to eliminate a sagging appearance in addition to enhancing the size of their breasts. A combination breast augmentation with lift procedure can achieve both of those goals, moving the breasts to a higher position while giving them a fuller appearance.

Breast lift with implants surgery can be very beneficial for women who wish to add volume and fullness to the breasts while simultaneously eliminating signs of sagginess or droopiness. This procedure reduces excess skin and pulls the remaining skin taut, moving the breasts and nipples to a higher position to provide a “perkier” appearance while adding saline or silicone breast implants to improve volume and shape.

Take a look at breast lift with implants surgery before-and-after photos.

Not every patient will need both a breast augmentation and a breast lift to achieve her goals. Depending on your specific needs, you may only require one of these procedures to attain the results you desire; however, the combination of these procedures may be the best option for women who would like to enhance the size and shape of their breasts while giving them a firmer appearance and improved overall proportions. One of our experienced plastic surgeons will talk with you about your goals during the initial consultation and help you determine the treatment option that can successfully meet your needs.

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