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Breast Implants

Once you have decided breast augmentation is right for you, you will need to consider what kind of breast implant best suits your desires. Our board-certified plastic surgeons at Florida Plastic Surgery Group will discuss with you which breast implants might be ideal to meet your aesthetic goals based on your expectations.

The two types of breast implants are saline-filled and silicone-filled. Each type of breast implant has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Saline Breast Implants

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Saline breast implants are a filled with saline, a naturally occurring substance in your body much like salt water. Saline-filled breast implants are a very popular choice in the United States. Our plastic surgeons will fill the silicone shell with saline after it has been placed during your breast augmentation procedure. One of the benefits of this implant type is the smaller incision made in the breast to place the empty shell. Due to the smaller incision, less scarring will result. Saline implants also allow our doctors to adjust the amount of saline during the breast augmentation procedure to make sure the implants are symmetrical.

Because saline is naturally occurring, if there is a leak or rupture, the saline is safely absorbed into your body. It will also be noticeable right away if a saline breast implant is leaking since the breast will be deflated in appearance.

One of the drawbacks of saline breast implants is that thinner women may notice a rippling effect around the edge or side of the implant. They may also not look as realistic in thin women or women with minimal breast tissue.

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Silicone Breast Implants

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Silicone breast implants are much better than the ones that were pulled from the market due to safety concerns in the 1990s. Since the Food and Drug Administration allowed their return to the market in 2006, they have been gaining in popularity among women of all ages.

Silicone breast implants come to our office pre-filled from the manufacturer. The silicone is a cohesive gel that stays within the breast implant in the event of a rupture. The main benefit of silicone breast implants is their natural appearance and aesthetic versatility.

While the gel will remain in the silicone shell in the event of a rupture or leak and will not be absorbed into the body, it will be difficult to tell if there is a problem because of this same quality. Women with silicone breast implants should have regular MRIs to make sure there is not a rupture in the breast implant.

Both saline-filled breast implants and silicone-filled breast implants will dramatically improve your appearance. The drawbacks and risks associated with the implants are insignificant when compared to their benefits.

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If you would like to learn more about breast implants or breast augmentation, please contact us for an initial consultation.

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