A lower body lift is an elective surgery to remove excess skin and fat along the lower torso, sometimes referred to as a circumferential abdominoplasty. The best candidates for this procedure are those who have had significant weight loss, often from bariatric surgery, and with excess skin/tissue along their lower torso. After weight loss, the skin’s elasticity is weakened and unable to tighten to its original state, resulting in sagging skin. By tightening the loose skin around the waist, this also has the benefit of improving the appearance of the lateral thighs.

Depending on the patient, a body lift may also be staged with other surgeries, such as:

To optimize your results, you should be weight stable or at your goal weight. We stress to all of our patients that they should not smoke or use nicotine-containing products. Smoking significantly impacts your body’s ability to heal and increases your likelihood of having complications following surgery. We also perform a risk assessment prior to scheduling your surgery to determine if you would be at risk of developing blood clots (DVT) and take any necessary measures prior to and following your surgery.

Each insurance company varies on what surgeries, if any, they will cover based on your surgical evaluation and current health status. Our surgery coordinators will help you if the surgical plan is eligible for submission to your insurance company for insurance evaluation/payment.

During your consultation with Florida Plastic Surgery Group, you will receive and individualized surgical plan and have the opportunity to address any questions you may have.

We look forward to meeting with you and formulating a personal surgical plan. Please call (904) 262-3372 to schedule your appointment today.

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