When your breasts aren’t the size you want, it’s often easy to fantasize about your cup size being vastly larger. Such thoughts can skew your thinking about breast augmentation and personal feelings following surgery.

Like Goldilocks discovered, some things are too small, some too large, but finding something that feels just right can go a long way toward happiness. Placing your faith and trust in a surgeon who can guide you toward the size that’s right for you is important in breast enhancement or breast reduction surgeries.

Considering an A B C or Larger

If being noticed after breast augmentation is desired, you can certainly achieve that. However, cup size decisions should not be made on a whim. Some questions to contemplate are:

  • Does increasing your AA cup size to a D or larger, fit your body frame?
  • Do you understand that your clothing style will likely change? Clothing styles on small breasted women are often not appropriate for women with larger breasts.
  • Have you considered the limited bra selection for DD or E sizes?
  • Have you considered how your body will adapt to a larger breast size? Women with larger breasts often complain of back aches and restricted movement.
  • Have you test-driven your desired size? It’s best to buy a bra in the size you desire and after filling the cups with sealed bags of liquid or rice, wear that size for a while to see how your body adjusts to the change.

If you are ready to discuss your breast augmentation decision with a skilled surgeon who has experience with helping women choose the size that best fits their lifestyle, please contact Dr. Desai at his office at the Florida Plastic Surgery Group in Jacksonville, Florida.

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