One of the decisions you will make with Dr. Desai before your breast augmentation is where to make the incision for your breast implants. Each incision option comes with certain advantages and disadvantages that will vary depending on your individual needs.

In general, however, there are four main breast augmentation incision options:

  • Around the areola (nipple) – Also known as a “peri-areolar” incision, this incision is made in a half-circle at the outer edge of your areola. Peri-areolar incisions often result in stronger cleavage and a better overall symmetry, as well as better control of bleeding during surgery.
  • In the armpit – Also known as a “trans-axillary” incision, the scar from this incision type has the potential to be more prominent, especially when you are wearing sleeveless tops. Since the incision site is far from your breasts, this method can also result in less precision, leading to wider cleavage. Some patients are also prone to a higher risk of bleeding.
  • Underneath the breast – This incision is made in the inframammary fold of your breast, allowing Dr. Desai greater control over the implant’s position. The final scar is not usually prominent, and can easily be concealed by bras and clothing.
  • Trans-umbilical – Also known as a “TUBA” incision, this option involves making a tiny, inch-long incision at the edge of your belly button. A long metallic tube is then placed through the incision, pushing the breast implants up to their final position. Again, since this incision point is farther from your breasts, it allows for less control and can lead to other complications, such as skin irregularities. However, it also incurs far less bleeding.

During a personal consultation, Dr. Desai can discuss each incision option with you and recommend the one he thinks is best for your situation. The final decision will be up to you.

If you have further questions about breast augmentation incisions, please contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ankit Desai today to schedule an initial consultation. Our practice serves patients in St. Augustine and Jacksonville, Florida.

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