Breast augmentation is an elective outpatient surgery to enhance your overall breast size and is a well-tolerated surgery by most people. Recovery will always vary between patients, but on average patients are back to work in less than a week depending on physical nature of their employment.

Following your surgery, you will be placed in a support/sports bra and/or an ACE wrap for downward compression with steri-strips directly over your incision. Your incision closure is with dissolvable sutures, which are underneath the skin and will not need removal. Swelling and bruising is common, but typically resolves by week 3. In the initial postoperative period, we advise against lifting greater than 10 pounds or exercise until your first appointment, which is approximately one (1) week from surgery. At your first postoperative appointment, we will provide you with instructions on increasing your physical activity and weight restrictions based on your recovery and healing thus far. If a highly cohesive shaped silicone gel implant is selected, your upper body activity will be more limited for a little longer period to prevent the implant from turning in the breast pocket losing its correct orientation.

A support/sports bra should be worn four weeks from your surgery, and an underwire bra may be worn in ~6 weeks as long as your incisions are fully healed. It is not uncommon for one implant to “drop” faster than the other implant and it usually resolves within a few weeks of surgery. You will be able to shower 24 hours following surgery, and detailed post-operative instructions will be given and explained to you.

We look forward to discussing your breast augmentation with you in further detail. Please call Florida Plastic Surgery Group at 904-262-3372 to schedule your consultation, or contact us here!

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