The decision to have any surgery is a big one that can never be taken lightly. Elective surgery, such as breast augmentation, requires just as much consideration, research, and faith in your surgeon as a surgery that is not elective.

Board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ankit Desai at the Florida Plastic Surgery Group performs hundreds of breast augmentation procedures each year and firmly believes in educating his patients thoroughly prior to surgery, so they are fully aware of what to expect before, during and after breast implants are placed. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when deciding if you are a good candidate for breast enlargement surgery. Not everyone is a good candidate, but most women over the age of 18 do qualify for this procedure. After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Desai will discuss the various breast augmentation options with you and offer his opinion on which is best for you.

There are four different approaches Dr. Desai can take when performing breast augmentation. You will have one of the following:

  • Periareolar – This procedure requires an incision around the nipple-areola area
  • Inframammary – This incision is made at the base of the breast
  • Transaxillary endoscopic augmentation mammoplasty – This procedure creates an incision within the armpit, and a camera is used to create a very precise pocket under the muscle for the implant
  • TUBA (Transumbilical Breast Augmentation) – In this procedure, an incision is made around the belly button

Dr. Desai will discuss the pros and cons of each procedure with you during your consultation. He will also explain the different types of implants used (saline, silicone), and what your recovery will entail.

If you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area and are contemplating breast augmentation, please contact Florida cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ankit Desai, to discuss the many breast enhancement surgery choices available today.

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