Following your breast augmentation in our Jacksonville, Florida, facility, you will likely feel more self confident and happier with your body. The enhancement to your figure that breast implants provide may cause a lot of extra attention. Learning to deal with this extra, and sometimes unwanted, attention can be a challenge.

You will likely experience some catcalls from the opposite sex. The easiest way to deal with these is to simply ignore the men and keep walking. You can enjoy the fact that men are taking notice of your new figure without having to engage them in any way.

At work, you want to make sure you aren’t getting the wrong kind of attention. You will probably be shopping for a new wardrobe after your breast augmentation. When you do, make sure that your work clothes don’t show off more than you would like them to. Be especially careful of button up blouses. Your larger chest can cause them to gap and stretch around your breasts if you buy them too slim fitting.

If you are interested in seeing how breast augmentation can change your figure, please call 877-907-3067 today or contact Florida Plastic Surgery Group for your consultation with a Jacksonville, Florida plastic surgeon.

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