Doctors with Florida Plastic Surgery Group explain the benefits of KYBELLA™, the first non-surgical treatment approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to reduce excess fat under the chin.

Jacksonville, FL – The appearance of a “double chin” afflicts millions of individuals, even those who are in tip-top physical shape. The Jacksonville plastic surgeons at Florida Plastic Surgery Group say excess fat under the chin is notoriously difficult to eliminate, even with rigorous diet and exercise routines. They note that surgical procedures such as liposuction have traditionally been the only effective way to address the condition; however, a new procedure recently approved by the FDA can reduce submental fullness (excess fat in the upper part of the neck and under the chin) without the need for surgery or excessive downtime.

KYBELLA™ is an injectable treatment that has quickly risen in popularity. It is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment designed to reduce excess chin fat. Composed of deoxycholic acid, a naturally-occurring molecule that helps with the breakdown of dietary fat, the KYBELLA™ solution works by targeting excess fat cells under the chin and destroying them. The fat cells are then gradually filtered from the body via natural metabolic processes. Drs. Ankit Desai, Michael Fallucco, and Joseph Parks say KYBELLA™ can serve as a good alternative to liposuction for many patients, offering them a much less invasive way to achieve their goals. The treatment can be performed as an in-office procedure and typically takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. The doctors say many patients are able to resume normal daily activities soon after the KYBELLA™ procedure.

While the benefits of KYBELLA™ can be numerous for many patients, the surgeons at Florida Plastic Surgery Group say the treatment is not for everyone. They note that KYBELLA™ is designed to reduce excess fat under the chin, and will not be effective for patients experiencing a double chin that is primarily caused by loose, inelastic skin. The doctors say this makes it important for individuals who are searching for ways to address the appearance of a double chin to seek out plastic surgeons who are experienced with KYBELLA™ as well as neck lift surgery since this can indicate that the surgeon has a comprehensive understanding of facial and neck anatomy. During the initial consultation, they explain, the doctor can talk with the patient about their candidacy for KYBELLA™ and recommend alternatives should the procedure not be ideal for their needs and goals.

The doctors at Florida Plastic Surgery Group say KYBELLA™ is a revolutionary procedure that has brought forth a significant advance in the field of cosmetic enhancement. While most patients will likely need a series of KYBELLA™ treatments to attain the best results, they note that the effects are typically very long-lasting and potentially even permanent. The surgeons say that individuals who are interested in this treatment should be sure to verify that the practice they are considering has medical professionals who are experienced with injectable treatments and are certified in KYBELLA™ to perform the procedure.

Florida Plastic Surgery Group
Florida Plastic Surgery Group offers a comprehensive selection of plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures, non-surgical cosmetic enhancement options, and skin care treatments in the Jacksonville, Middleburg, and St. Augustine area. In addition to KYBELLA™, treatment options at the practice include facelift, neck lift, breast and body contouring surgery, dermal fillers, and procedures to help patients affected by headaches and chronic nerve/joint pain. The plastic surgeons at Florida Plastic Surgery Group, Dr. Ankit Desai, Dr. Joseph Parks, and Dr. Michael Fallucco, have all been named Top Doctors in Jacksonville Magazine. The doctors are available for interview upon request.


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