Breast implants are not lifetime devices. Like most other devices and products, breast implants become more vulnerable to damage over time, as the material used to construct the implants ages.

Generally, there is no certain amount of time at which a breast implant must be replaced. Replacement is necessary only if an implant ruptures or deflates. Many women experience a rupture of at least one of their implants within 10 years. Women who receive breast implants should expect to have a replacement procedure at some point in their lifetime.

There are two things to keep in mind regarding rupture:

  • A ruptured saline implant is visibly obvious. Your breast will begin to deflate during the days following the rupture. The saline is harmlessly absorbed by your body.
  • A silicone implant rupture is not outwardly apparent. Even with a tear in the outer shell, silicone gel retains its shape and form, so your breast will not look different. For this reason, women with silicone implants are advised to receive MRIs at regular intervals following their breast augmentation.

Even if your breast implants do not rupture, you may wish to have another procedure at some point. Many women decide to increase the size of their implants or receive a breast lift later on.

If you live in Jacksonville, or the surrounding Florida areas, and would like to learn more about breast implants, please contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ankit Desai to schedule a consultation.

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