BOTOX® is a neuromodulator, which is a temporary muscle paralyzer, used to reduce the wrinkles that form with certain facial expressions. The most common facial expressions that cause wrinkles leading to fine lines are: squinting (crows feet), scowling or frowning (11 lines), and horizontal wrinkles formed when raising the eyebrows. Dynamic wrinkles is the term used to described lines that form with a facial expression or movement, which can be treated with BOTOX®.

The amount of BOTOX® will vary between patient’s individual anatomy, male versus female (often male facial muscles are stronger and require more units), and desired results (some patients prefer no movement and some like a little movement).

BOTOX® is a powder that must be reconstituted to a liquid before injection, which is completed by the injecting practitioner. BOTOX® is injected based on “units,” which determines the overall cost. The number of units each patient requires is based on their anatomy, total areas to be injected, the strength of facial muscles, the time between treatments, and the preferred amount of facial muscle movement.

Allergan, the company that produces BOTOX®, recommends a minimum of 20 units to treat the 11 lines or “furrowed brow” wrinkles with retreatment every 3-4 months for optimal results. Also, Allergan suggests 12 units of BOTOX® to treat each eye’s crows feet or squinting lines (totaling 24 units for both eyes) with retreatment every 3-4 months. Once again, these are manufacturing guidelines and may vary based on all of the factors stated above and clinical judgment.

BOTOX® is an excellent neuromodulator used to treat wrinkles that form with facial movement and can make a significant impact on your overall appearance.

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With the above information, we start our Blog Series on BOTOX®:  The ten things you’ve been wanting to know.

Number 1/10:
Q: So, If I’m getting BOTOX® Cosmetic injections for my glabella (11 lines between the brows), crow’s feet (smile lines around the corners of your eyes), and forehead (horizontal) wrinkles, how many units do you think that would be?
A: The company (Allergan) that produces BOTOX® Cosmetic offers some general guidelines for two treatment areas. They suggest 20 units for glabellar lines (11 lines between the brows) and 24 units total for lateral canthal lines (crow’s feet or smile lines around the eye). The treatment of forehead (horizontal) wrinkles is technically “off-label,” but is frequently treated with BOTOX® for the horizontal lines that occur when we raise our eyebrows. A commonly accepted guideline among practitioners for the treatment of forehead wrinkles are between 10-25 units of BOTOX® Cosmetic. However, keep in mind that these treatment suggestions are just guidelines and every patient varies on how many units they will require, it’s sometimes more or sometimes less, based on physical exam and the practitioner’s clinical judgment.

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