Botox® is an injectable neuromodulator, which is used to temporarily reduce the activity of certain muscles. Nueromodulators are a great cosmetic option for facial rejuvenation in those that have dynamic facial wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles form with muscle movements, such as our everyday facial expressions, but disappear when the face is in a neutral state or at rest. In comparison, static wrinkles are present when the muscles are at rest, which develop with age and repetitive facial movements or expressions. This is why Botox® and other nueromodulators are best used for dynamic wrinkles, which will eventually develop into deeper and more permanent static wrinkles. Nueromodulators will temporarily reduce the muscles activity and thereby reducing the appearance of these lines that form with movement. It is most often injected into the muscles around the eyes to address crow’s feet or “squinting lines” and the muscles between the eyes that form wrinkles when we frown creating the “11 lines”.
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