Hi my name is Alana Weatherly I’m one of the PA’s here at Florida Plastic Surgery group today I’m going to be discussing the labiaplasty surgery and kind of what to expect when you come in for your consultation, how the surgery will go and what you can expect after you leave our office. So generally speaking, a labiaplasty is the surgical excision or removal of excess labia skin. Typically this happens just naturally so a lot of people were born with either excess skin or asymmetries in that skin that bothers them. Can be seen as swimsuits be an irritant when we’re working out or any type of exercise you can kind of see that area that bothers you. That can actually be served surgically excised and it’s a really straightforward procedure. We offer it here in our office so you don’t have to go to a surgery center we can also do it at a surgery center if you before prefer to be asleep for that procedure. Like I said it’s fairly straightforward what happens is you’ll come into our office for a consultation at that point time you’ll meet the provider meet the doctor go over what bothers you what your goals are and what you expect to have as an outcome. We go over if that’s a realistic expectation their professional opinion and what should be done and at that point, we will do an exam and go over that one more time and do any markings or take any preoperative photos for surgical planning if needed. At that point we can schedule you for surgery if you’d like to move forward. Like I said vast majorities of these are done in our office so in an office setting what we’ll have you do is before you come into your scheduled surgery, we’ll give you a medicine that helps you feel a little bit more relaxed. You will have a driver that will take you to and from that surgical procedure. The medicine will be taken about an hour before you come in along with a pretty high dose compounded numbing cream that you’ll apply to the surgical site about at that same time. You’ll be taken back to our little OR here where we’ll perform the surgery. It’s fairly quick at that time, we’ll get you as comfortable as possible playing music if that’s something that you would like to have going on and that point, we’ll do some injectable numbing to further ensure that you won’t feel anything during this procedure. Typically, patients say I felt a little pulling that sort of thing that should never be anything sharp and the surgery goes fairly quickly. At the end we’ll have a bunch of dissolvable sutures that’ll be sticking out slightly from the surgical site which won’t be any of a nuisance or anything that we would have to remove. At that point in time we’ll tell you your post-op instructions, they’ll be also written on those instructions we’ll just say keep the area clean so you can shower after 24 hours of the surgery you can get the area wet but not soaking. So new baths hot tubs or pools and then you’ll just apply an antibiotic ointment twice a day to the area till we see you back in our office for your post-op appointment about two weeks out. Otherwise like I said we want you resting but not in bed rest. So up around the house doing normal daily activities is perfectly fine we want you to do that but no exercise, sexual intercourse or aggressive physical activity until it’s been about four weeks from your surgery. But we’ll go over all that once again when you come in for your post-op appointment. It’s important after any surgery to maintain good hydration so making sure you’re drinking enough and choosing appropriate fluids, so try to avoid things that are high in caffeine, alcoholic beverages really focus on good hydration good nutrition making sure you’re getting enough protein will help with your recovery as well. That being said, with any surgery making sure you’re not smoking that’s really important. Smoking will delay any sort of wound healing and we really don’t want that obviously so that’s going to be extremely important as well. With any other surgery there’s kind of red flags we want to know about so we want you to call our office if you’re experiencing, high fevers, nausea, vomiting that’s not controlled, uncontrolled pain, shortness of breath, chest pain, excessive bleeding from the surgical site those all warrant a phone call to our office and then we’ll kind of triage you from there and let you know if we need to bring you in if that’s just a normal part of the healing process or any further actions that may need to be taken. I want to thank you for choosing for plastic surgery group and we hope to see you in the future.

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