Hi my name is Lauren Lynch and I’m one of the Physician Assistants here at Florida Plastic Surgery group today I’m going to go over your post-operative instructions for a blepharoplasty
procedure otherwise known as a lower or upper eyelid lift. So following surgery you are going to come out with a significant amount of swelling however it will decrease in the next coming days to weeks so it will drop exponentially in the next couple of days. We will allow you to do cool compresses please remembering not to do anything too hot or too cold. Your sensation will be
changed after surgery so we want you to do cool compresses for the first 24 hours to help decrease swelling, You can also sleep elevated on one to two extra pillows for the first two to three nights also help encourage the swelling to come down. Dressings, there will be no significant dressing changes with this particular surgery and there will be differences in how you care for these depending on provider. Therefore we will go over your post-operative instructions on the day of surgery and after. Please let us know if you have any change in vision blurred vision double vision or you start to notice any floaters or halos after surgery please give us a call. Other things that you will also need to look for following any surgery, is going to be any swelling or pain in any one of your extremities if you have a racing heart or you feel short of breath please give our office a call immediately I always remind everyone with any surgery or any operative procedure to not smoke cigarettes or vape following any procedure for at least six to eight weeks. As you are healing you will have differences in medications that we give you following surgery from ointments to eyedrops so therefore we’ll also going to be covering that with you in person on the day of surgery. Thank you!

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