Hi my name is Lauren Lynch and I’m a physician assistant here at Florida Plastic Surgery Group. Today I’m going to review your post-operative instruct instructions for your liposuction procedure after surgery you are going to wake up with a compressive garment in the areas of liposuction now if you have had liposuction to your abdomen you’re going to wake up in an abdominal binder all the other areas you will also wake up with a compressive garment over the area I want you to wear this 24/7 even when you’re sleeping you can take it off to shower and you can shower the day after surgery now when you do I do not recommend any direct pressure so if you have liposuction on your lower body then go ahead and let the water hit your back and just kind of run down over your incisions as an example after your shower please go ahead Pat all of the areas dry and then reapply the compressive dressing to the area you will wear this compressive dressing like I said 24/7 even when you’re sleeping you can take it off to shower and you will wear this until your first post-operative visit at which time we will take it down in the office and evaluate all of your areas now some of the things that are very common with liposuction procedures are you can have a little bit of oozing or discharge from the actual incision sites this can usually occur for the first one to two days after surgery and it is something that is not uncommon the other thing that you might notice is bruising and swelling in the areas of liposuction again this is something that usually slowly resolves over time additionally we discourage leaning forward following surgery because due to the swelling you might feel a lot of increased pressure in the area around your eyes also know extremely reaching and no lifting greater than 10 pounds following surgery please keep lifting to a minimum or ask
your friends and family to assist you things to always remember with every surgery do not smoke for the first six to eight weeks following your surgery especially while you’re healing that is going to be very important other things to look for if you have any swelling or pain or redness or hot to touch in one of your legs or arms that you do not notice on the other side please give us a call here at the office the other thing is if you notice your heart start to race or you become short of breath please also give us a call here at the office. Thank you!

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