For women who have undergone one or more pregnancies, the changes in their bodies can be disconcerting or even upsetting. Pregnancy takes a difficult toll on a woman’s body, and even diet and exercise are not guaranteed to bring back a pre-pregnancy body.

Combining several cosmetic surgery procedures, often including a breast augmentation, tummy tuck or liposuction, Dr. Ankit Desai provides Mommy Makeovers to help restore your pre-childbirth body. You’ll look and feel more yourself, and be proud of your body once again.

Planning a Mommy Makeover

You and Dr. Desai will plan your Mommy Makeover together during your detailed consultation. The procedures included in your Mommy Makeover depend on your personal concerns about your body, and can include:

If you have concerns about other areas of your body, Dr. Desai will discuss these concerns with you and determine whether additional procedures should be included in your Mommy Makeover.

Combining Procedures

Some women who wish to have Mommy Makeovers are concerned about combining several plastic surgery procedures. However, combining procedures is an accepted practice, and can even reduce risks as well as costs. If you have more than one procedure in a single session, you will only have to undergo sedation once, reducing the possibility of complications. You will also only have to pay for the hospital facility once, which can provide a significant reduction in cost.

For more information about Mommy Makeovers and other plastic surgery procedures that can help you feel like yourself again after pregnancy, please contact Dr. Ankit Desai, Jacksonville, Florida plastic surgeon.

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