Breast augmentation or breast mammoplasty is an elective outpatient surgery to add volume to enlarge and enhance the breast size. The best candidates for this procedure are those who desire to increase the size of their breast, correct breast asymmetry, and those that are healthy enough for elective surgery. Breast augmentation can also correct breast asymmetry or congenital breast disorders in which one breast may be significantly smaller than the other breast.

Typically breast size is enhanced with breast implants, which are filled with either saline, silicone gel, or highly cohesive silicone gel. If one desires a smaller breast enhancement, they may be a candidate for autologous fat grafting, which may also be paired with a traditional breast augmentation. Autologous fat grafting entails liposuction of fat, which is processed in the operating room and then the fat is injected into the breast to add volume. In the following blogs, we will detail the surgical process, the selection of breast implants, recovery, and what to expect following surgery.

We stress to all of our patients that they should not smoke or use nicotine-containing products before surgery and during the healing process. Smoking significantly impacts your body’s ability to heal and increases your likelihood of having complications following surgery.

During your consultation with Florida Plastic Surgery Group, you will receive and individualized surgical plan and have the opportunity to address any questions you may have.
We look forward to meeting with you and formulating a personal surgical plan. Please call (904) 262-3372 to schedule your appointment today.  Contact us here!

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