A Brazilian Butt Lift is an elective outpatient surgery to enhance the overall volume and to better contour the shape of the buttocks. The surgery entails liposuction of several areas of the body, processing the fat in a sterile fashion, and then injecting your fat into the buttocks to optimize the volume and to better define the shape.

The incisions are minuscule, less than 1 cm in length, and they are placed along discrete areas hidden under clothes. The recovery is similar to a liposuction recovery, which requires a compression garment to the fields of liposuction with ~2-3 weeks of swelling and bruising at the areas of liposuction and the buttocks.

Also, we ask that there is no direct prolong pressure to the buttocks to allow the area to heal for approximately three weeks. During the first three weeks of your recovery, you must refrain from physical activity or working out, but we do want you up and walking lightly around your house several times a day starting the day of surgery. We will provide you with the necessary compression garments following your procedure, and there are no dressing changes required.

There is a known amount of injected fat loss that occurs with a Brazilian Butt Lift because not all the fat will take/survive. With that in mind, we will inject slightly more fat to compensate for this fat loss. Overall, patients recover well from this surgery with an average downtime around 2-3 weeks.

We look forward to developing a surgical plan that works for you to meet your aesthetic goals.

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